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Run your own business as a distributor of G&S Smoothies

G&S Smoothies offers a distribution system to meet demand for Smoothies . The company is seeking a limited number of additional distributors . The startup package carries many benefits seldom available in a distribution relationship, and include training , POS etc and, consequently, appointments will be made on a selective basis.
There are a number of opportunities out there for entrepreneurial people who are looking to run their own business. In fact, there are so many, that the discerning individual must be sure to judge and choose carefully. Whatever criteria you use for researching potential business opportunities, what it comes down to is how strong is the business model? What are the benefits? What support do you get?

Growth Market

Consumers are pursing healthier lifestyles
Growing demand for purer, natural, vitamin-rich and health foods
Raised awareness of unhealthy, artificial additives and harmful preserving processes
Enormous growth in the smoothie market
Concrete business model
G&S Smoothies is run by a management team that has a wealth of experience in the distributor channel model
Vast range of target outlets including Coffee shops, Sandwich bars, Health Clubs, Gyms, Wine Bars, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs, Hotels, etc.
If you are interested in running your own full or part time business, have an interest in promoting healthy foods and lifestyle please request our “Distributor Info Pack” ¬†through our contact us page.