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Want to become a distributor of 100% pure fruit smoothies and fresh juices? Then G & S Smoothies is for you.
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The public increasingly requires ‘health on demand’. This means that there are a great variety of outlets suitable for selling fresh smoothies. These include:

Health Shops
Coffee shops
Wine Bars
Leisure Centres
Gyms & Sports Clubs

Golf Clubs
Bowling Alleys
Sandwich Bars

Using products supplied by G & S Smoothies, your 100% fruit smoothies can be made in moments. The required mix of frozen fruits are simply unwrapped and placed in the blender along with apple juice. The blender is switched on, blends on auto for 30-50 seconds and stops automatically. Once fully blended, the smoothie is poured into the glass and presented to the customer – it’s that easy!

Most people understand that fruit and vegetables lose nutritional content over time – especially once they have been cut, squeezed or crushed. However, what the majority do not realise is that this loss occurs within minutes! Therefore, it is vital that the ingredients be as fresh as possible to deliver maximum benefits to the paying customer.

G & S Smoothies has taken this into account which is why the method of making the smoothies is aimed at maximising freshness and streamlining production time.

There is no easier or a more delicious way to get your 5 a day than with G & S Smoothies.


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