Back to school smoothies
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Back to school smoothies

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Back to school?  We all know that smoothies are terrific – they’re tasty and nutritious and kids love them.  Without doubt they’re a great way to keep our little ones full of the good fruit and fibre that they need on a daily basis.  That coupled with the fact that they contain whole fruit vitamins and other nutrients in a very natural form means that they cause fewer fluctuations in blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Getting kids to eat pieces of fruit can sometimes be difficult and the apples and oranges will often return in their lunch boxes after school, uneaten.  The easy and clever way to boost our kids systems is to easily blend your fruit mixes and send them off to school with what is a tasty treat containing a variety of fruits that will not only widen their tastes but keep them ticking through the coming Autumn and Winter months.

Ask for a G&S Smoothie at your local cafe or restaurant.  You can find out more here

smoothies for kids

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