Got A Nutribullet?
The Nutribullet claims to be the best of both the juicer and smoothie maker. Read more.
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Got A Nutribullet?

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The Nutribullet claims to be the best of both the juicer and smoothie maker – saying that it doesn’t juice or blend, but ‘extracts’ the nutrients from food. And because it has a separate blade for grinding nuts, beans and coffee beans, it can also take on some of the jobs of a food processor.




Unlike blenders and juicers, Nutribullet Nutrient Extractors are specially engineered to break down cell walls of food to create the most nutrient-dense smoothies possible. This unique extraction process transforms food into its most nutritious, most absorbable state. With extraction, you get the health benefits of eating the whole fruit and vegetable – the fibre, the pulp, the seeds and the skins – nothing is left behind.


Don’t believe all the marketing though, it works just like a standard blender, albeit a powerful one. However, the design – in which you blend using a smaller personal blending cup, which then converts into a travel cup for your smoothie – is clever and convenient. The Nutribullet has no buttons or settings, and its beauty is its simplicity.


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