Juicer or Smoothie Maker?
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Juicer or Smoothie Maker?

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Want to make tasty and nutritious drinks at home but can’t decide whether you need a juicer or smoothie maker? Here at G&S Smoothies we have pulled together the most recent information out in the market to help you figure out what’s best for you, including whether the Nutribullet is the ultimate solution. Should you get a personal blender or smoothie maker? Can juicing be better for you? Should you buy a Nutribullet instead? How much do you need to spend? Read on to find out the pros and cons of buying a juicer or smoothie maker, and get the lowdown on whether the Nutribullet is better.

So, a Juicer?

A Juicer


  • Designed to separate the juice from the pulp, leaving you with a smooth, clear drink
  • Some (masticating) models can also be used for other food prep tasks such as grinding coffee beans and mincing meat.
  • Best Buy juicer models available from less than £40
  • Large range to choose from, with different sizes, features and prices
  • Good for vegetable-base




  • Not usually suitable for making smoothies, although some pricier models come with attachments to help you create thicker drinks
  • Not good at dealing with soft or starchy fruits, such as bananas and berries
  • Usually have at least five parts that need cleaning
  • Can be wasteful; it takes a lot of fruit to get a decent amount of juice
  • Can’t generally handle other smoothie ingredients, such as nuts or dairy
  • Bulky

Smoothie maker

pros and cons

A smoothie maker

Smoothie makers are very similar to blenders. The only major difference is that smoothie makers have taps to dispense your blended drinks from, so you can blend and dispense straight into your glass.


  • Has a dispensing tap to pour your smoothie straight from the jug and stop potentially heavy lifting.
  • Can handle nuts and dairy
  • Generally comes with a stirring stick (tamper) to help you mix your drinks


  • No longer widely available; little choice
  • Dispensing taps are difficult to clean and tend to pour slowly

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So, should you buy a Nutribullet? See our next article to find out more…

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